Dr. Anthony Fauci Speaks Out on Pandemics and Psyche of the Country

(VitalNews.org) – Dr. Anthony “Tony” Fauci grew up in Brooklyn as the son of the neighborhood pharmacist. Fauci’s pharmacy is now long gone and even though he spent years out of Brooklyn, he says he’s still “Brooklyn tough.”

“They called him Doc,” Fauci said, referring to his father, and continued, “The pharmacist back then served as the neighborhood psychiatrist, marriage counselor. So, it was serving the community.”

Dr. Fauci said that he originally was interested in playing for the NBA, but that things quickly changed when he got in there: “So, I said, ‘Oh, let me just settle for science, whatever.'” A lot of people have Fauci to thank for the scientific knowledge that we have today.

Dr. Fauci’s career started at the time that the development of HIV/AIDS became prominent in the country. He worked in his position at the NIH and used it to his advantage to help with White House funding and national attention.

Under Bill Clinton, Dr. Fauci developed the NIH’s Vaccine Research Center, which eventually laid the groundwork for the development of COVID vaccines. Fauci was able to collaborate during Trump’s Administration to come up with protocols for those during the pandemic.

Following Fauci’s recommendation to wear a mask, Donald Trump stated, “This is voluntary. I don’t think I’m going to be doing it.” This surprised Fauci as he explained that Trump could have taken the opportunity to support the CDC, not go against it.

As the political parties were split, Fauci spoke out about how he was receiving death threats because of his push to have people wear masks and his protocol for dealing with the pandemic.

“It’s a reflection of the psyche of the country,” Dr. Fauci said. “If the purpose of the hearing is to figure out how we can do better to prevent and respond to and prepare for the next pandemic, well, that attack doesn’t even begin to contribute to that.”

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