Donald Trump’s Sister Dead at 86

( – Donald Trump’s older sister, Maryanne Trump Barry, has died at the age of 86. She was found by first responders at around 4am on Monday, November 13, after they responded to a call about somebody suffering a cardiac arrest. She was found dead in her apartment in Fifth Avenue, New York City, with no signs of trauma or interference, although the Medical Examiner has begun an investigation to fully ascertain the circumstances of her death.

Mrs. Barry only retired from her role as a federal judge in 2019, when she stepped down from her position on the Third Circuit of the U.S Court of Appeals. She had enjoyed a long and distinguished career, with an appointment to the U.S District Court in New Jersey made by President Ronald Reagan in 1983, followed in 1999 by President Bill Clinton nominating her for the Third Circuit position that she would then keep until her retirement. She retired after being investigated over allegations of involvement with alleged fraudulent tax committed by the Trump family. The investigation was later closed without any conclusions being made.

Mrs. Barry was one of five siblings, with her brother Donald and sister Elizabeth the only surviving two after brothers Fred and Robert died in 1981 and 2020 respectively. Maryanne and Donald had been close through much of their lives, although their relationship suffered some strain when their niece Mary wrote a memoir about the family, with a particularly negative focus on her uncle Donald. Mary released an audio recording to the public, in which Maryanne made disparaging remarks about her brother, saying that he didn’t read, and joking that his main accomplishment in life was his five bankruptcies. Despite this rancor, the brother and sister had begun to repair their relationship since the exposé, spending time together at the former President’s golf course this summer.

Mrs. Barry had been married twice. Her first marriage was to David Desmond, the father of her son, who was named David after his father. The second marriage was to John Joseph Barry, who died in 2000.

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