DOJ Reportedly Dropped Investigation into Clinton Foundation

( – The “Clinton Crime Family”, a common soubriquet for the shady former President Bill Clinton and his equally shady partner in crime Hillary Clinton, has long been suspected of hiding its nefarious transactions under the auspices of the Clinton Foundation.

However, a corrupt DOJ has thwarted every move by concerned citizens and regulatory bodies to bring them to account. Now information has emerged that the FBI were similarly engaged in hiding or destroying evidence that could have bought the Clintons to justice.

According to documents provided under the Freedom of Information Act, the FBI destroyed a significant proportion of the evidence that had been handed over to them during an investigation in 2021, following the decision by the DOJ to discontinue their enquiries shortly before Donald Trump left office.

The DOJ had been investigating the relationships that the Clinton Foundation had with foreign donors during the time that Hillary Clinton was leading the Department of State under the presidency of Barack Obama.

During that time, it emerged that Hillary Clinton, against all the rules and regulations designed to provide the necessary checks and balances to prevent such corruption from occurring, had kept a private email server at home to conduct official business.

When evidence of her misdemeanours came to light, it transpired that Hillary Clinton had used her position to provide Clinton Foundation donors with preferential treatment – something that was described by Judge Royce Lamberth as “a grave offence to the concept of transparency that is expected in a civilised democracy.”

The contrast with how the DOJ and the FBI treated Donald Trump could hardly be greater – the recently released Durham report demonstrated how a veritable witch-hunt had been unleashed against then-President Trump, with the goal of bringing down Trump at any cost.

However, the Biden administration, in collusion with a corrupt DOJ and a corrupt FBI, appears determined that neither the Clinton Foundation nor the Clintons themselves will ever be held to account for their crimes.

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