Does AI Have the Potential to Outsmart Humans?!

( – With Artificial Intelligence being a frontrunner right now in technological advancements, there has been a lot of concern over its capabilities and what this might mean for us as humans.

The talk over whether or not AI is smarter than humans has been the topic of discussion lately and many experts have differing views on the situation.

The founder of the Center for Advanced Preparedness and Threat Response Simulation, Phil Siegel, stated, “If you define it as performing intellectual but repetitive and bounded problems, they already are smarter. The best chess players and GO players are machines. And soon we can train them to do all tasks like that. Examples include legal analysis, simple writing, and creating pictures on demand,” when talking about whether or not AI is smarter than humans.

A full survey was done of around 2,000 AI experts who answered questions on whether or not AI would be able to do the activities given, and if so, when they would be smart enough to do it. These activities ranged anywhere from writing a history paper to being able to have full automation of all human labor.

A lot of these experts had varied answers, but many of them said that the history paper would be able to be done within the next couple of years. However, with this being said most AI experts said that for AI to take over all human labor is pretty far out, and it doesn’t sound like it will be happening any time soon.

Siegel spoke out saying that AI might be able to do these things, but not necessarily well or to the same capacity that humans might be able to do. “They can write short stories now, but they need lots more information about human nature to write a bestseller. They can write a movie, but maybe not a hit movie. They can write a scientific paper but can’t execute all the instructions to perform a complex atomic level experiment at a supercollider,” Siegel said.

The experts said that maybe the AI systems would be able to do this eventually but that they need a lot of data to train them to be this smart. Some experts do believe that a world where AI is smarter than humans is inevitable as we keep training the technology to take in information and learn new things.

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