DOE Launches Investigation into Harvard?!

( – The United States Department of Education has officially launched an investigation as of Tuesday into Harvard because of the recent claims of hate speech and related issues that have arisen in the college.

This investigation comes after a group of Arab and Muslim students filed a complaint against the school because of discrimination. This is also brought up after the president at Harvard stepped down due to backlash from a response she gave during a hearing regarding antisemitism in her college.

This is not the only school that is under a DOE investigation; there are 60 schools from kindergarten to 12th grade where a DOE investigation has been brought on the school for discrimination as well. These have been more common now that many issues and statements have come out since the Israel-Hamas war.

Jason Newton, who is Director of Media Relations and Communications at Harvard said “We support the work of the Office of Civil Rights to ensure students’ rights to access educational programs are safeguarded and will work with the office to address their questions.”

The complaint was filed on behalf of the students by the Muslim Legal Fund of America. It stated that the students had been subjected to “rampant harassment and racist attacks including doxxing, stalking and assault simply for being Palestinian, Muslim, and supporters of Palestinian rights.”

The complaint addressed individuals who attended Harvard College, Harvard Law School, Harvard Divinity School, and Harvard Graduate School of Arts and Sciences.

The Muslim Legal Fund of America said “Our complaint addresses Harvard’s failure to protect more than a dozen students from harassment, intimidation, and threats based solely on their status as Palestinian, Arab, Muslim, and supporters of Palestinian rights. This investigation signifies an important step toward accountability and justice for these students, who all deserve the right to learn in a safe environment and the freedom to express their views.”

Now that the Department of Education Office has received the complaint, they will evaluate and determine whether or not they will open an investigation.

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