Documentary About De-Transitioners Canceled After Activists Complain

( – LGBT+ activists continue to try to “cancel” or “de-platform” any individuals or organizations that dissent from the woke left-wing agenda, and this month it is the turn of AMC Theatres in the US to feel their wrath. A film called “No Way Back”, which deals with the reality of “gender-affirming care” has come under fire from the Queer Trans Project, an activist group that claims that the film is “anti-trans” and perpetuates the spread of harmful misinformation.

“No Way Back” is presented in the form of a documentary that speaks to five people who have de-transitioned. It tells their stories of how they were seduced into transitioning in the first place, with their gender dysphoria “pounced upon” by medical professionals who in many cases decided that transitioning should be the default course of action rather than a last resort when all other related issues have been properly explored and evaluated.

The Queer Trans Project set out to have the documentary de-platformed and hidden from the public view, preventing those stories from being heard and subjecting AMC Theatres to a campaign of threats, harassment, and intimidation. They maintained that the content of the documentary marginalizes and stigmatizes the transgender community. AMC Theatres were due to start screening the film on June 21st but have since reversed their decision, citing “safety concerns”.

The distributor of the documentary, Deplorable Films, said that the process of de-transitioning was being misrepresented by the activist group as “conversion therapy” rather than an attempt to understand the influences behind the recent push by some medical professionals towards the transitioning of vulnerable individuals and the attempts to present gender dysphoria as something to be accommodated rather than evaluated and treated with due diligence.

They also made the point that a lot of organizations are making vast sums of money by creating life-long pharmaceutical and surgical patients who later come to regret the medical treatments to which they have been subjected.

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