Do NOT Put Your iPhone in Rice When Wet – Apple Warns

( – Getting water on your phone is something many of us have done in the past and the reaction has been to place the cell phone in a bag of rice so that the water can be absorbed and there will be no lasting damage to your phone.

Many of us have probably done this, but Apple recently came out with a warning saying that iPhone users shouldn’t put their phones in a bag of rice even if it is wet. Apple says that doing this could actually slow down the drying process because it could block airflow that will dry out the device and ports. They also warned of small rice particles getting stuck in areas like the charging port and causing damage.

Apple gave some tips on what you should do instead if you find yourself looking for a way to dry up your phone. Apple says that you should start by tapping the water out of your phone by tapping it, charger port down, on your hand. Set your phone aside and let it dry for 30 minutes, then try plugging in your device. If there’s no warning, then you can continue using the charger.

However, if there is still water residue in the charging port, a warning will read “Liquid detected in USB-C” and you’ll need to unplug the device and let it sit for a full 24 hours in a dry place to ensure that all components are dry before attempting to plug it back in.

Apple also states not to use any external methods to try and dry your phone extra fast such as a hair dryer or any sort of heat gun on your devices. Once 24 hours is up, you can try plugging in your device again and charging. If it doesn’t work, Apple recommends changing power sources, trying a new cable or outlet, and seeing if that is successful.

Keep an eye on your phone if it has been submerged in water as other forms of water damage could have lasting effects on your device. Water damage can affect the audio, screen, and overall function of the device itself.

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