Dispute between Radical Trans Activists and Detransitioners Erupts

(VitalNews.org) – Radical transgender activists crashed an event in Texas over the weekend called “Let Women Speak,” where many who oppose gender ideology gathered to speak out, including so-called “detransitioners,” who were targeted specifically by the activists.

The “Let Women Speak” rally was held at the Texas Capitol on Saturday. The organizers of the event advocate for segregated spaces based on male and female to keep males out of girls’ and women’s bathrooms, locker rooms, dressing rooms, prisons, shelters, and dormitories, and also out of female sports leagues.

Event organizers gathered various detransitionsers to speak at the event, which is a term for individuals who used to identify as transgender and went through medical procedures along the way only to change their minds afterward.

One speaker at the event was Laura Becker, who started taking testosterone injections and then had a double mastectomy at 19. Years later, Becker tells her story at events like this, in media interviews, and on podcasts, in order to help the public understand how gender ideology is encouraging medical malpractice.

Becker says she “and other feminists” hosted the event to share their stories when “radical trans activists” showed up to silence them. The left-wing activists disrupted, according to Becker, and used their own microphones to drown out the voices of the event speakers. The activists, who Becker describes as being in a “cult-like trance,” repeated slogans, calling the “Let Women Speak” organizers “fascists.”

Becker is only one of many such people who are sharing their stories nationwide in order to save others from going down the same path. Another notable voice is Chloe Cole, who underwent a double mastectomy at the age of 15. Now she also tours the country to fight for legislative changes that will protect minors from the irreversible decisions gender ideology encourages.

Activists and event organizers in Texas, thankfully, did not come to blows, but gender ideology continues to grow as a nationwide issue, politically, legally, and socially.

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