Discovery of New Oil and Gas Could Hurt Paris’ Climate Goals?!

( – The United States is leading a surge of oil and gas activity, leading to nearly quadruple the amount of oil and gas production projected due to newly approved projects.

The Paris Climate Agreement has stated that the goal to avoid breaching climate control numbers is to keep the heat increase below 1.5 Degrees Celsius. This agreement is focused mainly on the industrial effect when it comes to the warming of the climate. Climate change is a huge problem that many are looking to combat, and scientists say that a warming planet could mean more heatwaves, floods, droughts, and other effects that could be a danger to people.

There has been an increase in the discovery of new oil and the U.S. has gone ahead with oil production, along with other countries and companies in the fossil fuel industry.

It’s said that if we fail to halt or at least slow down the hunt for new oil and gas then there is no way to stay below the threshold set by the Paris Climate Agreement. Scientists say that we are expected to hit that within the decade.

The head of Saudi Aramco, the world’s largest oil company said “People should abandon the fantasy of phasing out oil and gas.”

“Despite the constant and clear warnings that no new oil and gas fields are compatible with 1.5C, the industry continues to discover and sanction new projects,” said the project manager at Global Energy Market.

The United States has been the top contender here but as the surge for new oil and gas continues, places such as South America and Africa are becoming popular locations for new fossil fuel projects.

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