Disciplinary Committee Calls For Rudy Giuliani To Be Disbarred

(VitalNews.org) – A disciplinary panel in Washington DC has called for Rudy Giuliani, former New York Mayor and attorney for President Trump, to be barred from practicing law in the United States. The panel, made up of just three people: two Washington DC lawyers and a public member, released a 38-page document on Friday, July 7th, after reviewing evidence at a misconduct hearing in December 2022.

The panel accused the Trump ally of having absolutely no evidence of election fraud when he pursued litigation in a federal court following the 2020 election. Following President Trump’s loss in the election, Giuliani was hired to file lawsuits in a number of states to challenge the outcome. This included making claims that third-party observers were denied admission to the vote-counting process in some counties of Pennsylvania. The panel’s formal statement blasted Giuliani’s actions as being “destructive” and without basis. The former Mayor, however, said that he acted on information provided by Trump’s team, and his attorney stated that he had a strong basis for believing that the election was fraudulently won.

Rudy Giuliani’s staunch maintenance of his own innocence led the disciplinary committee to complain that he has refused to “take responsibility” for his actions by showing remorse, but Giuliani’s political advisor, Ted Goodman, called the outcome an injustice perpetrated by those representing Washington DC’s “permanent regime”.

Giuliani is not alone in experiencing dire professional consequences as a result of the more than 60 unsuccessful lawsuits brought on behalf of Trump’s campaign. Fellow attorney Lin Wood, resigned from practice rather than face being disbarred in Georgia. Yet another lawyer acting on Trump’s behalf, Jenna Ellis, reached a deal with the Colorado Bar in which she admitted to having made false statements about the election in order to advance Trump’s effort to overturn the results.

The disciplinary committee’s report is not final. It must first be put into consideration by the Professional Responsibility Board of the DC bar authorities, and then it must pass through the federal appeals court. Giuliani’s team has vowed to appeal the call to disbar him.

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