Digital Eye Strain is a REAL Problem?! 

A young man, seen at night against a black background has taken off his glasses and is rubbing his eyes. He could be very tired or having problems with sore eyes.

( – Many of us use our devices every single day from the time we wake up until the moment we go to bed at night, and it’s sure to have some adverse effects. One of the effects that has been shown is eye strain. You’ve probably heard of blue light glasses, a popular product across social media, which help to alleviate the effects of blue light from screens.

However, this might not make that big of a difference depending on the type of glasses you get. The Journal of Medical Science just revealed that people may be experiencing digital eye strain from looking at devices frequently. The symptoms associated with this could be headaches, blurry vision, burning eyes, or feeling tired.

Vision Network doctor Danny Matthew said that “as blue light enters the eye, it scatters before reaching the retina, causing our eyes to work overtime to try to focus and process the light from the screen on our device.” He continued, “The result is visual strain and fatigue known as digital eye strain.”

Blue light can have effects on your eyes within just two hours of exposure leading to the symptoms listed above.

Experts do recommend some measures to take to limit the amount of eye strain that you’re getting. Keeping your phone or computer at a safe distance away from your eyes or even just turning down your brightness, especially in a dark room. You should also make sure to take breaks from the screen so you can give your eyes a rest.

You can get eye drops to combat dry eyes from staring at a screen and you can invest in Blue Light glasses to help protect your eyes from the blue light that is emitted. You have to ensure they are glasses that won’t make it more difficult to see, as some blue light glasses create more problems. Mathew says, “For example, a product may block more light than wavelengths in the UV/blue range, making it difficult to see in certain lighting conditions.”

Taking precautions can help limit the effects of digital eye strain, which is common among people nowadays since we use devices frequently, but following this advice can help.

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