DeSantis Team Hits Back at NYC Mayor

DeSantis Team Hits Back at NYC Mayor

( – New York City Mayor Eric Adams got a prompt response from Florida Governor Ron DeSantis’ staff after Adams suggested he could “teach” the Florida Republican about New York City’s alleged “values.”

Using the tone more often deployed by young Millennials and Gen Z teens, the New York City mayor “welcomed” DeSantis, who visited the Big Apple on February 20. Mayor Adams said DeSantis had entered a city that does not “ban books” or “discriminate” against “LGBTQ+ people.” Adams also implied that DeSantis, who is touring Democrat-run cities with a pro-law enforcement message, uses “asylum seekers” as political props.

Adams’ dig about migrants was likely a reference to DeSantis’ practice of sending illegal immigrants on buses to blue cities, who claim to care deeply and morally about “asylum seekers” but loudly complain when migrants show up in their own neighborhoods.

DeSantis campaign spokeswoman Christine Pushaw pointed out that New York City saw more people pick up and leave in 2022 than any other US metropolitan area.

For many Americans living in cities like New York, Los Angeles, and San Francisco, these cities’ harsh and authoritarian responses to the Covid virus were the last straw. Fed up with their small businesses, schools, and even public parks being closed while the cities forced residents to wear masks, many left for good.

Pushaw shot back at Adams, referring to his “nice rhetoric.” But the reality, she said, was that New York lost more residents than any other city. And Florida was the top destination for all Americans who moved states, she said.

Pushaw also reminded Eric Adams that New York City’s crime rate keeps climbing under his watch, while DeSantis’ state has the lowest crime rate in 50 years.

Ron DeSantis is bringing a pro-police message to blue-run cities with this tour, which began in New York City. His next stops will include a suburb of Philadelphia and then a suburb of Chicago.

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