DeSantis Takes Aim at Hunter Biden

( – During the first Republican primary debate on Wednesday, Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis boldly slammed Hunter Biden and the amount of money the first son pulls in as an artist.

In an attempt perhaps to appeal to the average working-class person, DeSantis spoke about “Bidenomics” during his opening remarks, and the viral protest song “Rich Men North of Richmond by Oliver Anthony. During these remarks, DeSantis brought up Hunter Biden and his swiftly successful art career.

DeSantis said it’s “wrong” that “Hunter Biden can make hundreds of thousands” on his “lousy paintings” while hard-working Americans “cannot afford groceries, a car or a new home.” He also took aim at Congress, saying the country “cannot succeed” when they’re spending “trillions and trillions,” and accusing them of putting the nation “in this situation.” DeSantis referred to them as “those rich men north of Richmond,” referencing the viral protest song by Oliver Anthony.

Anthony released a video on Friday addressing his song being played at the GOP primary debate and said he found it “funny” because he wrote the song about “those people,” referring to the Washington-hungry elites. He said the song “has nothing to do with Joe Biden” and is bigger than the current president, that it is also “written about the people on that stage and a lot more,” referring to the Republican candidates.

According to a report by Insider, an estimated $1.3 million was pulled in by Hunter Biden from selling art ever since he debuted in a New York City gallery in 2021. The identity of one of Hunter Biden’s collectors was later revealed to be Elizabeth Hirsch Naftali, a real estate investor from California and major donor to his father’s campaign. Naftali was also given a prestigious commission by President Joe Biden, raising some questions.

As part of their investigation into the first son’s business dealings, a House Oversight Committee requested Naftali provide them with documentation and communications related to the purchase of Hunter Biden’s art.

DeSantis remains as the number two contender for the GOP nomination, and despite going well in the polls and pulling out some populist talking points, he remains well behind former President Donald Trump.

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