DeSantis Say He Will “Crack Down Federally” On Local Prosecutors

( – Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis pledged that if he wins the White House he will “crack down federally” on local prosecutors across the country who fail to enforce laws or catch criminals terrorizing law-abiding Americans.

The GOP presidential candidate posted a video on Twitter from a recent campaign rally in which he made the daring promise to his supporters, accompanied by a caption in which he reiterated that he will “crack down on prosecutors,” citing specifically those who are funded by businessman and philanthropist George Soros.

In the video, DeSantis appeals to the crowd by condemning Democratic prosecutors who “think it’s wrong” to pursue criminals who mug people or commit home invasions. As a result, he said “criminals start to rule the roost,” leaving average Americans unsafe and leading many to “start fleeing the cities.”

The Florida governor gave an example from his home state, boasting that he removed two Florida prosecutors from their positions. According to DeSantis, Andrew H. Warren was suspended by DeSantis for not enforcing the criminal statutes on abortion in the Sunshine State. The other, Monique H. Worrell, was removed from her position because she wasn’t tough enough on criminals. He boasted to the crowd that he “removed both of them from their posts.”

DeSantis told his supporters that a country can’t be “successful… if every urban area is a total hellhole,” and that as president he would make sure that “people like BLM” are never allowed to “burn down cities” in the U.S. “ever again.”

Although still in second place in the polls, former President Donald Trump is still way ahead of DeSantis, whose campaign seems to have lost steam after months of anticipation before launching. For a while, DeSantis was perceived as a major threat to Trump, but now his second-place position is under threat from Vivek Ramaswamy who’s trailing just behind.

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