DeSantis Planning to Reset His Campaign

( – A senior campaign advisor for former President Donald Trump says that Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis is showing desperation by attempting to reset his presidential campaign after DeSantis declines in the polls.

Jason Miller, senior advisor for Trump’s campaign, appeared on Newsmax on Monday and said that the Florida governor’s numbers in the polls “are dropping like a rock.” Miller said DeSantis would “say or do anything” to “attach himself to something or somebody” popular to try and stay relevant.

Miller was asked about developments over the weekend, including Trump’s comments about Iowa Gov. Kim Reynolds throwing support behind DeSantis for the GOP nomination, and DeSantis responding that he would consider Reynolds for a running mate. Miller said DeSantis was trying to attach himself to Reynolds because Reynolds is “a very popular governor” in Iowa. Miller continued, saying he “wouldn’t be surprised” if DeSantis starts trying to associate with celebrities like Michael Jordan or Justin Bieber in an attempt “to turn things around.”

DeSantis failed to accept an invitation to a conference hosted by Turning Point USA last Saturday, for which Trump criticized him. TPUSA voters also responded by giving DeSantis 4% when polled about who they support for the Republican nomination, with Trump coming in at 86%.

Miller called the Florida governor’s polling numbers “terrible,” noted how DeSantis is “laying off staffers,” and how other recent polls showed DeSantis only polling ahead of former New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie by half a point. Miller also predicted that Tim Scott may soon pass DeSantis in the early polls for the Iowa caucus.

DeSantis and his campaign were recently heavily criticized for sharing an anti-Trump ad on Twitter that was perceived as homophobic even by some Republicans who also consider themselves LGBT. DeSantis received criticism, especially from the Log Cabin Republicans, the most significant political group for LGBT conservatives.

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