DeSantis Plan Would Hit Illegal Aliens


( – Popular Florida Governor Ron DeSantis will soon unveil a legislative proposal supporters say will be the most comprehensive plan of any state to deal with the problem of illegal immigration. Florida state senator Blaise Ingoglia said the legislation will be “the largest . . . state-led anti-illegal immigration bill ever passed in the United States.”

The bill, which has not yet been introduced, is expected to tackle a long list of economic and criminal issues posed by the high rate of illegal entry into the U.S. The plan will stiffen punishments for falsifying documents, human smuggling, and more. It will also require employers to confirm the citizenship status of their workers.

DeSantis has made immigration reform a centerpiece of his governing style. Florida receives large influxes of illegal migrants, far more than many northern and politically Democrat states. These northern states frequently accuse Southern border states of being racist and inhumane to what they call “undocumented immigrants.”

But when the same immigrants show up on their doorsteps, Northern officials sing a different tune. In September of 2022, DeSantis chartered two airliners and filled them with illegal immigrants to be dropped off on the elite liberal enclave of Martha’s Vineyard in Massachusetts.

Officials on the island complained that they didn’t have the infrastructure to help these people and that it was an unfair stunt on DeSantis’ part. Most mainstream media sided with those on the political left, calling DeSantis “fascist” and accusing him of playing with people’s lives to prove a political point. Many critics even suggested DeSantis himself was guilty of human trafficking and claimed that his move must have been illegal.

The Florida bill will also address the rising cost of health care for illegal aliens. In 2022, state coffers spent $310 million on health care for this group.

The DeSantis plan would also invalidate the driver’s licenses of illegal aliens who received these licenses in other states. Leading the way, California has offered illegal aliens state driver’s licenses since 2014.

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