Cuba Blames United States For Protests Amid Shortages?!

( – The Cuban Government has accused the United States and the U.S. Ambassador, Benjamin Ziff, of stoking protests in Cuba.

There was a large protest against the Cuban Government led mostly by parents who are struggling to feed their children. Cuban citizens stood in Santiago de Cuba chanting “Without electricity and food, the people get hot.”

Cuba has been dealing with power outages that last up to 18 hours a day, which has led to food spoilage and other issues. The protests began as mothers stood outside a government building chanting “We are hungry!” Similar protests broke out all over Cuba where parents gathered to express their distress.

In a tweet from The U.S. Embassy in Cuba, they said, “We urge the Cuban government to respect the human rights of the protestors and address the legitimate needs of the Cuban people.” A U.S. State Department Spokesperson said that the claims were “absurd” that Washington was behind the protests.

Cuba has been struggling with an economic issue that has been worsened by inflation and the big divide between the wealthy and the poor. There have been many bodegas that have seen empty shelves as there has been a shortage of many of the products that they carry.

Beatriz Johnson, the first Secretary of Santiago’s communist party, told the people during the protests that the government was working on a food basket that would be given to the people. She also said that the issues they were speaking about were being heard and that she was hopeful for a response from the government.

The Cuban government blames the trade embargo from over 60 years ago on the economic situation that Cuba is facing now. The trade embargo was brought on by the United States after they put in sanctions when it came to trading with Cuba, making goods far more expensive.

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