Crime Victim Families Condemn NYC Prosecutor

Crime Victim Families Condemn NYC Prosecutor

( – The House Judiciary Committee held a field hearing in New York City on April 17, featuring among its witnesses the families of crime victims who are unhappy with how Manhattan prosecutor Alvin Bragg handled their loved ones’ cases.

Bragg is the prosecutor who recently indicted former president Donald Trump on what he claims are 34 felony counts of financial mismanagement and document falsification. The charges appear to be an attempt to turn Trump’s payment of hush money (which is not illegal) to an adult film actress into a felony campaign finance violation.

Legal scholars have said Alvin Bragg’s case is weak and rests on a dubious legal theory. Some New Yorkers say Bragg doesn’t appear to care much about actual violent crimes in the Big Apple.

Madeline Brame’s son was murdered in Manhattan, and she told the Committee about the lengthy court battle that followed. She criticized Bragg and the entire New York judicial system for what she views as millions of wasted dollars that aren’t bringing the crime rate down.

Brame said that Bragg has let “all types of criminal elements (be) free to do what they want” whenever they want with “no consequences, no deterrence.” She said too much tax money goes to non-government organizations that don’t do anything to prevent rising crime.

Brame said the Manhattan DA’s office should have all federal funding pulled until that office can do its job and prosecute crime.

Brame’s son Hason Correa, an Army Sgt., died in 2018 after he was stabbed nine times in front of his father. At the time, it was believed that Correa’s murderers were Mary Saunders, her brother, and an unrelated man. After four years of work by the prosecutors, they could not prove that Mary Saunders had intentionally helped kill Correa.

Brame said that Saunders and the other man were on video obviously participating in the “brutal, savage slaughter of my son.”

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