Controversial Inmate Accused of Preying on Others in Prison

( – A murderer of three who identifies as a transgender woman is being imprisoned with biological women and accused multiple times of “preying” on other inmates as well as bragging about the “special treatment” she receives because of California’s policies about incarcerating trans-identifying individuals.

The 68-year-old convicted murderer, Dana Rivers, was born David Chester Warfield. In November 2016, Rivers killed a lesbian couple and their adopted son. Patricia Wright, Charlotte Reed, and Benny Diambu-Wright were shot and stabbed by Rivers.

Last month, the judge who sentenced Rivers described the murders as “the most depraved crime” he “ever handled” in his 33 years working in criminal justice. And Rivers isn’t done doing damage.

In 2021, California changed the law to allow criminals to be housed in prisons that correspond with their stated “gender identity.” This change allowed Rivers to be placed in a women’s prison in Chowchilla. Rivers has been a problem ever since, according to one inmate, who also claimed Rivers “is trying to control” the women there and even stated that “[he] gets to bypass everything” and receive “special treatment” due to her transgender status.

Rivers, a veteran of the U.S. Navy, used to be a transgender activist decades before becoming a convicted murderer. In 1999, Rivers made headlines nationally after a school fired her from a teaching position for undergoing transition. The school administration and faculty were angered by the fact that Rivers discussed sexuality and gender ideology with students, long before the subject became a widespread international issue throughout the Western world.

The issue of housing biological males in women’s prisons is becoming more concerning, especially when female inmates are being impregnated by trans-identifying inmates, which happened last year in New Jersey.

Although the Democratic Party argues that transgender individuals are in danger across the country, Republicans and many independents are growing concerned about violence coming from trans activists. A turning point in the conversation came in March when trans shooter Audrey Hale busted into a private Christian school in Nashville, Tennessee, and gunned down nine people, six of whom were young children.

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