Controversial Biden DOL Nominee Getting GOP Pushback

( – On Tuesday, April 25th, Senator Markwayne Mullin (R-OK), clapped back at progressive New York Democratic Representative Alexandria Occasio-Cortez in a statement he made to Fox News.

“The secretary of Labor’s role is to enforce laws without bias, not to be a crusader against job creators on behalf of politically-connected labor unions like those supporting Julie Su and Democrat politicians,” he said.

During a Senate Health, Education, Labor, and Pensions Committee hearing, Senator Mullin pushed a series of questions to Su seeking clarity of her knowledge and experiences in common small business practices. Mullin’s questions revealed that Su lacked the basic experiences of small business owners dealing with common day-to-day business affairs such as payroll.

After the hearing, Senator Mullin found himself on the wrong side of progressive lawmaker AOC’s Twitter feed when she posted, “Someone should inform the Senator that the position is not Secretary of Bosses. It’s Secretary of LABOR.” 

Occasio-Cortez’s post indicates she was opposed to the seemingly common-sense line of questioning being asked of the nominee by Mullin.

Julie Su was nominated by Biden in March to head the Department of Labor, leading to immediate scrutiny and pushback from small business owners across the country as well as the GOP. The sentiment of the opposition to Su is that she is “anti-worker.”

Senator Mullin claimed President Biden’s Department of Labor nominee and her Democrat supporters are “more concerned with abusing power to carry out political agendas than preserving responsible leadership at the Department of Labor.”

“Those of us with business experience understand the needs of the American worker firsthand, which is why we refuse to confirm an activist who puts an anti-business, anti-worker political agenda ahead of enforcing our labor laws as written,” Mullin said.

Mullin claims the left is “out of touch” with the working-class American and makes it clear why he and other GOP lawmakers oppose Biden’s nominee. The Senate labor panel holds a vote Wednesday, April 26th, for Su’s possible appointment.

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