Comer Struggles to Link Biden to Corruption

( – James Comer (R- Ky.), the Oversight Committee Chair, has been accused of mischaracterizing several payments made by Hunter Biden to his father Joe Biden.

On Monday, December 4, Comer released a statement to reporters telling them that the committee had unearthed evidence that Hunter Biden’s company, Owasco PC, had made payments to Joe Biden that illustrated a pattern of “influence peddling schemes” that the elder Biden was aware of and complicit in. Several hours after the statement’s release, however, the Washington Post reported that the three payments of $1380 that Comer referred did not represent any illicit activity.

The three payments, made between September and November of 2018, two years after Joe Biden had left the Vice-Presidential office, were repayments made by Hunter to his father for a 2018 Ford Raptor truck. According to Hunter Biden’s attorney, Abe Lowell, Joe Biden had bought the truck for his son to use at a time when Hunter could not get credit due to his drug addiction and poor financial history. Hunter made some payments to his father when possible before eventually taking over the payments completely.

In the face of criticism for this apparent mistake, Comer was quick to defend himself and the evidence he presented to the media. Speaking to Newsmax later that day, he said that the White House had previously said that Pres. Biden had never received any money from his son at all, which had been shown by Comer to be untrue. He also questioned why Hunter had paid his father for a personal loan through his company, Owasco PC, saying that this showed that the President had in fact been “paid back from China”.

Although Owasco PC is a business entity created by Hunter Biden, it has links to a Chinese energy company, CEFC, for whom Hunter acted as a partner. Comer has been keen to investigate payments made to the President by members of his family that he says appear to relate to their business concerns, such as the $200,000 and $40,000 payments made to him by his younger brother, James, also in 2018.

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