Cockfighting Could Be on the Rise in Oklahoma Despite Law!?

( – Oklahoma was one of the last states to make cockfighting illegal as it wasn’t uncommon in the state to see groups of people huddled up together watching roosters fight.

However, it’s now been more than twenty years since the ban took effect and some people are worried that Oklahoma is beginning to revisit its habit of cockfighting. There have been multiple situations that support this speculation; political committees have been raising money for farmers who breed gamefowl, and a video surfaced of Governor Kevin Stitt from Oklahoma saying to the Oklahoma Gamefowl Commission that he would “cheer you on from the sidelines.”

Wayne Pacelle, President of Animal Wellness Action spoke about cockfighting and said that they are usually set up in barns where they make small arenas that attract hundreds of visitors, even families with children.

Rooster fighting is illegal at a federal level and many people thought that the situation was settled, until recently when the trend had started to pick back up again. Governor Stitt said, “Of course, I’m not for gamecock fighting” but proceeded to say that he would lower penalties if they brought him a bill to do so.

Anthony Devore, head of the Gamefowl Commission has gotten a lot of backlash for his practices, but he claims that he is only raising gamecocks for poultry shows and to sell overseas. He said he recognizes that he is working in the gray area of the law, but that he’s not using them for cockfighting.

There’s a lot of concern with the safety of the animals and the legality of some of the things going on in Oklahoma. Many say that it’s a mixture of money and politics making this become a trend again.

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