Coach Resigns After Secret Affair With Student Comes Out

( – A University women’s bowling team in Texas has found itself at the center of its coaches’ divorce. Amber Lemke, head coach, and Steve Lemke, the now former assistant coach for The Ladyjacks at Stephen F. Austin University, have announced their split following Steve’s affair. Steve Lemke resigned from his position at SFA, a research and teaching University based in Nacogdoches, Texas on April 10th this year after his extramarital relationship with a team member came to light. The team member remains unnamed.

Lemke, 38, offered his resignation rather than face being fired. The athletic director for the University, Ryan Ivey, stated that Lemke may not have violated any federal or state laws, but that he had broken the school’s own rules barring student-staff liaisons. The resignation is a sudden end to a previously successful coaching career; working with his wife Amber, the head coach for SFA’s women’s bowling, Steve Lemke helped to coach the team to numerous victories, including two titles at a national level. He had volunteered with the team before being officially hired in 2019. Amber had been employed since the 2011-2012 school semester.

It was Amber Lemke who found a text message on her husband’s phone that led to the unraveling of both his affair and employment. Steve Lemke describes the text message from his mistress as being generally very complimentary about him, but without saying anything explicit. After she questioned him, he confessed the truth to Amber. He later described his resentment at being a stay-at-home dad for five years while his wife built a successful coaching career, and complained of feeling overburdened and overworked when he began working for her at SFA University.

Amber Lemke will continue in her role as head coach for women’s bowling. She and the former assistant coach are undergoing divorce proceedings, and the unnamed student who took part in the extramarital affair will not return to the team due to a lack of eligibility. Ryan Ivey issued a statement emphasizing the University’s continued support for its student-athletes and for its head coach.

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