CNN Boss Gets Goodbye on the Air

( – Ratings-troubled Network CNN is ousting its latest CEO, Chris Licht, and the boss of CNN’s parent company made the announcement on air. 

David Zaslav, CEO of Warner Bros. Discovery, the cable network’s parent company, told viewers about Licht’s departure on air the morning of June 7th.

CNN took a neutral tone, neither praising nor condemning outgoing CNN boss Chris Licht. Saying that she had news relevant to CNN and to its viewers, CNN’s Kate Bolduan said Licht was leaving after serving as CEO for just longer than a year. She announced that a “leadership team” of several CNN executives would step in until a new chief is selected.

Licht was brought in to help right CNN’s ship after ratings fell dramatically under the prior CEO, Jeff Zucker. The once-trusted cable network is now widely seen as obviously partisan and favoring the left, hyperbolic and extreme in its coverage of the pandemic and other issues, and simply not trustworthy.

On June 2, the magazine The Atlantic ran a feature-length profile of Licht that painted an unflattering picture of the internal goings-on at the network. Apparently convinced that he could weather the storm, Licht reportedly apologized to staff in a morning meeting and said he’d be staying in his role as CEO.

But by Wednesday, June 7th, things had changed. Warner Bros. CEO Zaslav joined the network’s regular editorial call, which reportedly drew 800 employees, double the usual count. Zaslav said he took “full responsibility” for the problems leading to Licht’s ouster, and spoke of the departing CEO as someone who “pours his heart and soul into this show.”

Licht was tapped to head the network in May 2022, to replace longtime CEO Jeff Zucker. Zucker resigned after it was discovered that he had covered up a romantic relationship he was having with a high-level and longtime colleague.

CNN’s ratings have plunged from its glory days. This spring, network ratings were down 61 percent compared to the same time in 2022.

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