Climate Groups Urge Others to Speak on Biden’s Green Agenda?!

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( – Energy groups are encouraging House GOP leaders to oppose Biden’s Green New Deal climate policy.

Controversy has set in as Biden recently put out his recent Green New Deal Agenda, and many are opposing it. Many have stated that Biden’s plan will cause more problems than it will fix, and many different discrepancies need to be addressed within the deal.

A letter was sent to Speaker Mike Johnson encouraging him to oppose Biden’s plan saying, “In addition to 2023’s climate science claims falling far short of reality and honesty, President Biden’s Green New Deal climate policy agenda is also in rapid meltdown and countdown to disaster.”

This letter was backed by a 13-page document that had reports arguing claims of global temperatures rising and also events like the Monarch butterfly populations decreasing, but they were false and incorrect claims within the document.

The letter highlighted many areas where they were trying to convey the issues with electric vehicles and other changes similar by saying, “Not a day seems to go by without news of some sort of EV disaster or problem. From the supply chain that includes child slave labor in the Congo and Communist China-sourcing of key materials and parts to low consumer demand because of high prices, inconvenience, and poor performance/failure.”

It continued, “Taxpayers are subsidizing this disaster at the rate of $50,000 per EV over a 10-year period. This is a gasoline-equivalent subsidy of $17.33 per gallon. Crowning this disaster is that there is not a single chance that EVs will ever improve the climate or environment.”

Many of these statements showed that there are a lot of changes in Biden’s climate agenda that just don’t make sense and aren’t proven to make the changes to the climate that we are looking for. They spoke about offshore wind farming and how this was a huge part of Biden’s plan, but this did not prove to help the climate or the environment at all.

This was brought up right after Biden’s “Buy America” plan was denied as he pushed for certain requirements to help with Electric Vehicle Chargers. It was denied because the plan would benefit China as they are the main manufacturers that dominate the EV charging supply chain.

The letter to Johnson continued, “The false claims used to support the Green New Deal agenda and its ensuing policy failures are jeopardizing our economic and national security and our liberties and standard of living while failing to produce any demonstrable benefits.”

They ended the letter by saying that they hope that these issues are addressed in 2024 and that they are taken into consideration when reviewing Biden’s Green New Deal Agenda.

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