Climate Activist Group Declares War on Car Owners Worldwide

( – As the climate change hoax gathers momentum, with activists worldwide seeking to outdo Saint Greta of Thunberg in their virtue-signaling attempts to inject some meaning into their squalid, miserable lives, another far-left group seeks to join the category of “public nuisance” currently dominated by the likes of “Just Stop Oil” and “Extinction Rebellion”.

Instead of just blocking public highways, laying down on train tracks, and gluing themselves to irreplaceable works of art whilst screeching at the top of their voices about how important it is to “save the planet”, though, the shadowy organization calling themselves the “Tyre Extinguishers” has been operating under the cover of night to deflate the tires of sports/utility (SUV) and other gas-guzzling vehicles.

In this way, they evidently hope to endear themselves to the vehicle owners – they even leave handy little notes about their organization under the windscreen wipers after they have deflated all the tires on the vehicle – with their avowed goal being to make it impossible to own or drive an SUV in any of the world’s urban areas.

Their operations currently extend to over 18 countries around the world and particularly in Europe – but more recently they have claimed responsibility for deflating the tires on thousands of vehicles in dozens of Democrat-run cities in the US.

Considering that most Democrats would probably be on board with the concept of saving the planet through combatting the effects of climate change, it may be that the activities of this group will cause many a Democrat to experience a Damascene conversion – sublime enlightenment on the folly of owning a gas-guzzling SUV not unlike St Paul on the road to Damascus, although St Paul himself would probably have owned a method of transport that was a little more climate-friendly in the first place, such as a camel.

However, for those Democrats who remain unenlightened, it may be advantageous for them to Google the website for when the Tyre Extinguishers next come calling.

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