Christie Fears GOP Will Cheapen Impeachment Processes

( – Former Governor of New Jersey and current GOP presidential candidate Chris Christie gave a stark warning to Republicans on Tuesday that impeaching President Joe Biden will result in further “cheapening” such serious proceedings.

Christie appeared on MSNBC’s “Morning Joe” to discuss a variety of subjects, one of which ended up being the breaking news on Tuesday that Speaker of the House Kevin McCarthy is preparing to endorse an impeachment inquiry of the president. Host Jonathan Lemire asked Christie if he thought the inquiry was “an appropriate step” for Congress, to which Christie replied that a “thorough investigation” should be conducted by Congress as well as Special Counsel David Weiss.

Christie said that the special counsel “needs to reestablish” credibility following “the ridiculous deal” Weiss signed off on for Hunter Biden. Christie is referring to the sweetheart deal offered to Hunter Biden after he was charged with tax fraud and gun law violations. The deal was soon struck down by a judge, which Christie said is the only reason Weiss “backed off.”

The former New Jersey governor then said that he doesn’t “see evidence yet” to “support impeaching” President Biden. He added that he feels lawmakers are “cheapening impeachment” and reminded Lemire that he’s “criticized Democrats” for the same reason and that he doesn’t want his party “to fall victim to the same thing.” Despite his misgivings, Christie said he does think it’s important to investigate Biden because there’s “too many connections now” and “too many inconsistencies” in Biden’s story.

Christie said the facts need to be known and that Congress and the Justice Department should continue investigating the Biden family.

Christie is currently running in the 2024 presidential race for the GOP nomination, but he’s way behind most of the other candidates, including front-runner former President Donald Trump, who is far ahead of him. The two used to be amicable toward one another, but their relationship has since soured, and now Christie and Trump frequently insult one another.

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