Christie Blames Trump for Rise in Antisemitism

( – Former New Jersey governor and current GOP presidential candidate Chris Christie threw more fuel onto his ongoing rivalry with former President Donald Trump on Sunday, this time accusing the former president of “intolerant” rhetoric that led to the rise in antisemitism in America.

Appearing on CNN for an interview on “State of the Union” over the weekend, Christie said that when someone shows “intolerance towards everyone, which is what [Trump] does,” they are giving “permission as a leader for others” to be intolerant, too. Clarifying, the former New Jersey mayor stated that “intolerance towards anyone encourages” it “towards everyone,” which he claims is “exactly what’s going on” regarding the rise of antisemitism in the US.

Christie said this concern doesn’t just apply to Trump, but to other leaders as well, and that it’s “been going on for quite some time.” He noted that some professors at some of the most elite university campuses in the country, including administrators, “have been unwilling to stand up against antisemitism” at their schools.

The conflict between Israel and the militant Palestinian group Hamas erupted after the radical Islamic fighters stormed over the border into Israel on October 7, killing roughly 1,400 and taking around 200 hostages back into the Gaza Strip. Israel responded with a military siege that has so far left over 13,000 dead. Pro-Palestinian groups and protesters around the world have been calling for a cease-fire from the Jewish state.

Also on the rise since the conflict escalated are incidents of antisemitism, especially throughout the US. Recently, a teacher in New York City had to barricade herself in a locked office after students rioted throughout the high school when they discovered she attended a pro-Israel protest.

Christie said no Jewish student in the US should be “afraid to leave their dorm,” “go to their classes,” or “have a meal in the dining hall.” He ended his remarks by saying although he thinks “a lot of people” have “contributed” to the current atmosphere, that Trump’s “intolerant language” and “conduct” are giving permission for others to act out their intolerance.

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