Chinese EVs Are Booming Without Expansion Into U.S. and EU Markets

( – Anders Berner, an electric vehicle enthusiast, took a look into the Chinese EV brand BYD. Berner was impressed with how popular this brand of EV took off in China, saying that it has the qualities to be a dominant brand in the global electric vehicle market.

“Many Chinese EVs are made with excellent materials and have been put together well – they are high-quality cars,” Berner said. “And in terms of battery technology for EVs, Chinese companies are leading the field.”

Compared to other countries’ electric vehicles, Chinese EVs are also more affordable and have quite the advantage. Chinese electric vehicles in the European Union typically will sell for twenty percent less than the EU-made models.

China also has dominance in the electric car battery field as the Chinese battery maker CATL supplies batteries for Tesla, Volkswagen, and BMW. China’s electric vehicle battery makers supply about forty percent of the world’s electric vehicle batteries and have been applauded for their driving range.

BYD sold over five hundred and twenty thousand EVs across the final quarter of last year, compared to Tesla’s four hundred and eighty thousand units.

Concerns in Western regions have pushed tariffs on Chinese electric vehicles. United States President Joe Biden has pushed for a high tariff on Chinese EVs due to potential threats to American EV brands and national security threats with Chinese technology-ran cars coming into the States. The EU Commission has also spoken about raising the tariffs on Chinese vehicles to one hundred percent.

Beijing has responded to the tariffs by saying, “China will take all necessary measures to firmly safeguard its legitimate rights and interests.”

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