China Launches Anti-Dumping Probe For POM Copolymers

( – China has just launched an anti-dumping probe into POM copolymers, which is a type of engineering plastic that is imported from the United States, European Union, Taiwan, and Japan. The plastics mentioned can replace metals like copper and zinc and can be used for various items like auto parts, electronics, and medical equipment.

The investigation is supposed to be completed within one year, but it could be extended for six months after that depending on the results and timeline. The European Commission, which looks over the EU trade policy, said it would study the contents of the investigation before deciding on their next steps.

A spokesperson said, “We expect China to ensure that this investigation is fully in line with all relevant WTO (World Trade Organization) rules and obligations.”

China’s probe could affect an already tense trade agreement with the United States and Europe. The United States just launched higher tariffs on Chinese EVs as well as computer chips, medical products, and other imports from the country.

Just recently the European Union launched an investigation into imports from Chinese tinplate steel, which is the latest of probes into Chinese exports. The European Commission also launched probes into China for the way that they are producing their EVs, which would allow them to sell at a cheaper cost and come in to destroy other competitors in the EV market.

Beijing has argued against the probes and the United States by saying that the risks to other economies due to China’s production are “misguided” as they feel that they aren’t doing anything wrong.

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