China Issues Yet Another Warning to the US

( – The Chinese government has issued a stern warning to the US following the release of a report by a bi-partisan congressional committee. The panel, which consists of six Republicans and six Democrats, spent a full year studying the possibility of war with Russia and with China, and what the likely outcomes for the US would be. The Congressional Commission on the Strategic Posture of the United States issued its 145-page findings on Thursday October 12, seemingly to the chagrin of the Chinese state, which has since warned the US that “those who play with fire will perish by it”.

The report described both Russian and Chinese actions in recent years as cause for concern, marking the two powers out as behaving in an “increasingly aggressive” fashion. The report concluded that their behavior has ramped up the likelihood of nuclear war and noted that China is on course to reach nuclear parity with the US by 2030. The report ultimately painted a picture of an underprepared US that may fare poorly in the face of any direct conflict with Russia or China and called for improvements to be made to the US’ arms and strategic ability.

The Chinese government responded to this report via the official newspaper of the Chinese Communist Party, the Global Times, in a scathing article that not only warned the US not to play with fire, but simultaneously dismissed the idea Chinese and Russian forces jointly warring with the US as “unsettling” and something that formerly had been relegated to the realms of “fantasy”. The rebuttal laid the blame for any potential conflict at Washington’s door, decrying the report as a call for the US to engage in a nuclear arms race.

While China is predicted to equal the US’ supply of nuclear arms by 2030, Russia’s nuclear arsenal already exceeds that of the US. The report has called for improvements to be made to American nuclear facilities, but also for an increase in the production of non-nuclear intercontinental missiles and stealth bombers.

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