Chicago Mayor Requests $25M For Illegal Alien Rent

( – Brandon Johnson, the Democratic Mayor of Chicago, is on record as saying that he is very proud of his city’s reputation as a sanctuary city. Tens of thousands of illegal aliens have arrived in Chicago in the last twelve months alone, many of them bussed in from the border state of Texas. Mayor Johnson has assured them of a warm welcome, free from persecution and with a guaranteed supply of creature comforts such as a roof over their head.

However, Mayor Johnson has recently looked into the council coffers and realized that there is one minor problem – there doesn’t seem to be enough money to pay for housing all these illegal aliens. Not only that, but native Chicagoans are becoming restless as they find that housing prices and rents have sharply increased over the past year, with average monthly rental prices for a family of four fast approaching the two-thousand-dollar mark.

Something must be done. But Mayor Johnson, a lifelong Democrat with all the left-wing credentials that are needed to run a sanctuary city that leftists see as a shining example, has a solution. All he needs for the next six months is $25 million to house 6,500 of these illegal aliens.

It is unclear where this money will come from, but likely that most of it will come from taxpayers. Critics of Johnson’s policies do not accept the idea that this tax burden will be balanced out by rising “housing wealth,” which is just another way of saying that house prices are rising. While real estate price booms are good for sellers, they keep many buyers of more modest means out of homeownership.

Brandon Johnson beat out other Democratic challengers in the Chicago Mayor’s race earlier this year. His predecessor, Democrat Lori Lightfoot, was the first Windy City mayor in 40 years not to win re-election.

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