Cheese Producer in New York Pleads Guilty to Listeria Outbreak?!

( – A cheese producer from New York has pleaded guilty to being connected with the manufacturing of milk products that caused a Listeria outbreak that killed two and hospitalized eight.

The company to blame is Vulto Creamery LLC, and the owner, Johannes Vulto who pleaded guilty to a misdemeanor count of causing a cross-contamination that was linked to a 2016-2017 outbreak in Listeria. The Listeria outbreak was linked back to cheese products that were produced in his factory.

“Vulto oversaw operations at Vulto Creamery manufacturing facility in Walton, New York, including those relating to sanitation and environmental monitoring,” the Department of Justice said.

They continued, “In pleading guilty, Vulto and Vulto Creamery admitted that between December 2014 and March 2017, they caused the shipment in interstate commerce of adulterated cheese.”

Vulto admitted in his guilty plea that between July 2014 and February 2017, they were aware of Listeria in their products from swabs that repeatedly tested positive. The Listeriosis outbreak was caused mainly by unsanitary conditions which led to humans contracting the illness.

This life-threatening illness is invasive and can be severe, especially for pregnant women, small babies, or elderly people.

There are two types of Listeria: a harmless version and L. monocytes, the version that can lead to the deadly Listeriosis in humans. In 2017 they linked his cheese factory to the outbreak and Vulto issued a recall following the events.

The FDA’s Office of Criminal Investigation has said that people look to the FDA for guidance on what foods are safe to consume. “When companies and individuals put themselves above the law by producing food that endangers and harms the public, as occurred in this case, we will see that they are brought to justice,” a special agent from the FDA Office of Criminal Investigation said.

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