Certain Race Groups Not Represented in the United States

(VitalNews.org) – The federal government has just reclassified race and ethnicity groups to capture better diversity in the United States, but some groups feel that they haven’t been represented very well with these changes.

Armenian, Black Arab, Hmong, and Brazilian communities feel as though the United States has not represented them accurately in population numbers. Many people were in support of the reclassification, but others felt that the numbers weren’t right, leading to frustration.

The Office of Management and Budget said that the working group that did the revisions listened to over ninety sessions from advocacy groups, academics, and the general public regarding this situation.

Some of the discrepancies included Hmong people who thought they should be classified as Southeast Asian because of how many of their people, and Lao people, were recruited to fight the spread of communism through Southeast Asia. However, because China is the Hmong’s ancestral homeland, they were classified as East Asian.

One of the new categories in the standards is MENA, which is Middle Eastern or North African. This included race groups such as Haitian, Jamaican, and African American, however, Black Arabs and Armenians are missing from this group.

Because of the missing groups, many will have to categorize themselves as from a different country. The chair of the Census Taskforce of the Armenian National Committee of America-Western Region, Sophia Armen, said, “We will now be undercounted by potentially hundreds of thousands of people. It spells out a very real destruction of Armenian identity in the next two generations.”

Brazilians were also not accounted for as they were put under the Hispanic category, which is not an accurate representation of them at all.

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