CDC Director Walensky to Step Down

( – Centers for Disease Control Director Rochelle Walensky will leave her role in June, saying that the end of the COVID-19 pandemic is the right time for her to step aside.

Walensky also said she took the job at President Joe Biden’s request with the goal of “moving CDC—and public health—forward into a much better and more trusted place.”

The public is unlikely to trust the CDC or Walensky. The director has been sharply criticized for apparently shaping CDC policy on whether to keep schools open around the partisan demands of powerful teachers’ unions. 

In addition, the CDC’s power grab over the landlord-tenant relationship angered Americans across the political spectrum. In 2021, Walenksy issued an “eviction moratorium” barring landlords from evicting anyone during the pandemic, even if tenants refused to pay. And many across the country did refuse to pay, knowing they would suffer no consequences. 

Small landlords complained that they were being forced to house people for free as if they were a charity, while still having to pay the property taxes. 

The CDC’s moratorium was illegal (and obviously so to most Americans) and was struck down by the Supreme Court later in 2021. 

The White House had gushing praise for the departing director, claiming that “Dr. Walensky has saved lives” and that she led the country through a historic pandemic “with honesty and integrity,” according to a letter to Walensky from President  Biden. 

Biden continued, saying that Walenksy made the CDC stronger and better able to handle future public health emergencies. Using the liberal-favored term “mpox” to describe Monkeypox (leftists claim that the word ‘monkey’ is racist), the CDC said Walenksy helped the agency contain the pox, and helped it contain Ebola in Uganda.

Before her tenure at the CDC, Walensky worked at Massachusetts General Hospital where she was head of the infectious disease division. She was also a professor of medicine at Harvard Medical School from 2012 through 2020.

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