Carter Speaks to UPenn Students after Magill’s Resignation

( – Following the widely criticized performance of former University of Pennsylvania President Liz Magill at a House hearing on antisemitism, reporter Sara Carter visited the University’s campus to gauge student reactions to her resignation. After speaking to a number of students in University City, Philadelphia, she passed on her observations to colleague Sean Hannity at Fox.

Carter described the response of the student body as “mind-blowing”, less because they were overtly in favor of antisemitism or genocide, but more because she found students to be unsure of how to respond. Many of them, she claimed, could not distinguish between an opinion made under the protection of free speech and the call for genocide to be committed against Jewish people.

Carter admitted that she found the lukewarm response of so many students to be shocking, but not anomalous. She added that this is the reason why so many people across the political spectrum have pushed for changes to be made at universities and colleges deemed to have allowed antisemitic behavior to flourish, particularly following the October 7 massacre.

Pennsylvania’s Democratic governor, Josh Shapiro, called Magill’s testimony “shameful”, while his rival, Republican Sen. Doug Mastriano, was one who called for the resignation of Magill. Mastriano has also introduced a bill that would cut state funding for any school found to be allowing or supporting antisemitism. New York Rep. Elise Stefanik, a Republican, celebrated Magill’s resignation, and called for the Presidents of MIT and Harvard to do the same after their own appearances before the same House hearing.

Stefanik, taking part at the hearing, asked Magill whether or not calling for genocide to be committed against Jewish people would violate the University’s code of conduct. Magill responded that it would depend on the context. While Magill has resigned from her position as President, she has not left campus entirely, having retained a position of faculty member despite the recent controversy. Harvard and MIT presidents Claudine Gay and Sally Kornbluth have thus far refused to offer their resignations.

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