Byron Donalds Has Vice Presidential Aspirations

( – Rep. Byron Donalds has confirmed that he would be pleased to act as Vice President under President Donald Trump, should the latter be successful in his 2024 presidential bid. The Florida Republican was speaking with Elliot Williams, guest host of SiriusXM’s “The Julie Mason Show” when he was asked whether or not he would accept the role. Donalds, who said that he would accept the nomination, has previously endorsed Mr. Trump for President over his own state’s Governor, Ron DeSantis.

Donalds, who told his interviewer that, given the chance, he would take the Vice Presidency role as an opportunity to get the US “back on track”, has lately increased his profile within the Republican Party after putting himself forward for the role of House Speaker after Rep. Kevin McCarthy was ousted from the role. He lost that spot to Rep. Mike Johnson, but his open discussion of the potential Vice President role has been said by some to show the strength of his political ambition. As well as reflecting Donalds’ own aims, it has also publicly reinforced his continued support for another Trump presidency, who he has previously described as having the necessary strength and resolve for the job.

Although there have been some reports of a clash between Donalds and fellow Sunshine State Republican DeSantis, Donalds has played down the idea that he is critical of DeSantis, explaining that he simply had concerns over a single sentence in a 200-page document relating to the Florida schools’ standard for “Black History Month”. Donalds disagreed with a sentence that referred to slaves learning skills during their enslavement that would later come to benefit them. DeSantis appeared to rebuke Donalds’ for his criticism and accused him of being on the same side as progressive liberals such as Kamala Harris.

Donalds, who on his website describes himself as a conservative Republican who stands against woke ideology in schools, clarified that he agreed with the rest of the standards, but maintained his position on that single sentence.

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