Businessman’s Body Found In Freezer

( – Police in Thailand have arrested two men in connection with the murder and dismemberment of German businessman, Hans-Peter Mack. Mack, 62, was reported missing by his Thai wife, Piraya Boonmak, 24, after he failed to return to their home in the Thai city of Pattaya on July 5th.

He had left their home on July 4 to meet with a fellow German realtor to discuss the sale of a boxing stadium and pool villa and did not show up for his scheduled lunch date with his wife. She tried to call his phone, but he did not answer. Instead, she received a text message from his phone, telling her that he would call her back. Later that evening, she received a further text message from his number, claiming that he was still with a client, and would be late. She later told reporters that in their five-year marriage, he had never before texted her.

Thai police found Mack’s body in the town of Nong Prue, northeast of Pattaya. His torso, limbs, and head had been severed and kept in the freezer in plastic bags. Officers recovered a chainsaw, vacuum sealer, and ropes at the scene. They also found Mack’s Mercedes car at an upscale apartment complex nearby. The car showed evidence of having recently been scrubbed with cleaning solvent.

Police confirmed that they were able to track Mack’s body by using CCTV footage of the area after being tipped off by a local couple who became suspicious after being hired to move the freezer. Previously, Mack’s family had sought information relating to his disappearance by offering a reward of 3 million baht (approximately $86,000) to anybody who could help.

Local police have said that they believe a large sum of money taken from Mack’s account shortly before his murder is related to the killing. Investigators confirmed that 2 million baht (approximately $57,620) had been taken from his account and that Mack may have been subject to extortion.

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