Burger King Worker Loses Job After Serving Fries From Trash

(VitalNews.org) – A South Carolina woman has been fired from her job at Burger King and faces a possible 20-year prison sentence for allegedly tampering with customers’ food. Jaime Major, 39, was dismissed from her role as Assistant Manager at the Duncan Bypass Burger King in South Carolina after she was arrested for maliciously tampering with food. Customers accuse the worker of pulling French fries out of the trash and serving them.

In South Carolina, this tampering is a felony charge that brings with it a prison sentence of up to 20 years.

The events leading up to Major’s arrest began on July 9th, when police officers were called to deal with a disturbance at the fast-food outlet. They arrived to find two irate female customers shouting abuse at Burger King staff, swearing, and even threatening the employees. Officers attempted to de-escalate the situation, instructing the women to calm down and stop shouting. The women continued and were consequently arrested for disorderly conduct.

On July 11th, Burger King’s headquarters got in touch with police and told them that an employee had reportedly picked fries from a trash can in order to mix them up with fresh, clean fries, and serve them to customers. After investigating the unsavory allegations, police were granted a warrant for Major’s arrest. She was taken into custody on July 17th, as well as being immediately let go from her job. Bail was set at $20,000 for the former fast-food worker and she was released on bond from Union County Detention Center on July 19th.

A spokesperson for Burger King told reporters that the alleged crime does not fit with the company’s aims or values and that they and the franchisee are assisting authorities as much as they can. The police investigation is ongoing, and authorities have not confirmed that the disturbance that took place on July 9th was directly linked to the allegations made against Major. No other Burger King employees have been arrested, and police have not said that they have any other suspects.

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