Burchett Says DC is Not a Swamp – It’s a Sewer

(VitalNews.com) – Republican Rep. Tim Burchett of Tennessee doesn’t think “swamp” is an accurate enough description of Washington, D.C. but that the proper term for the American Capitol is a “sewer.”

Burchett appeared on Newsmax on Tuesday, Dec. 19, and told the host of “Newsline” that he wishes people would “quit calling Washington, D.C., the swamp” because it’s actually “an open sewer” and should be treated “that way.”

The Tennessee representative then mentioned a recent scandal that involved a Democratic Senate aide named Aidan Maese-Czeropski, who lost his job in the Senate after a pornographic video of the staffer surfaced online, which was filmed in one of the Senate hearing chambers in Washington, D.C. Burchett said such scandals frequently “get brushed under” the rug “because the legacy media” are “invested in… far-left Marxist propaganda.”

The congressman added that the media “will continue” to “destroy this country” if Americans “don’t get off their butts” to go vote on Election Day. He told the audience to not just “sit there” watching TV and to get off their “tails” and “to the polls.”

When voters “decide to stay home on Election Day,” Burchett said this “affects everything.” He then brought up the school system as an example, and how many parents are “complaining about their child being taught” inappropriate material in classrooms, as well as the fact that the FBI labels these parents “domestic terrorists.” He added that this is “how far down the rabbit hole” the US has gone.

The congressman made remarks about the Ukraine war and ongoing negotiations of whether or not to continue funding it and the worsening border and immigration crisis.

Burchett said Americans are growing tired of having to compromise while foreign nations and people receive help. He also noted how many immigrants entering the US are “military men” of combat age, claiming that “something” is “going on” and that the country “better be very careful.”

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