Bud Light Falls Below 10th Place Amongst Beers

(VitalNews.org) – Since Bud Light featured transgender influencer and activist Dylan Mulvaney on their beer cans, the company has seen a drastic decline in sales that doesn’t seem to be letting up.

Bud Light used to be the top-selling beer in the country. Now the brand officially dropped off the list of the 10 best-selling beers.

At the end of last year, Bud Light held the ninth position on the list of most popular beers. According to a survey by YouGov, the company now sits in 14th place, falling behind Miller Lite, Miller Genuine Draft, and Pabst Blue Ribbon.

In April, the beer company decided to abandon its fraternity, all-American aesthetic under the direction of Alissa Heinersheid, the marketing vice president. Bud Light featured Mulvaney on a single personalized can to celebrate her first complete year “of girlhood.” They sent the can to Mulvaney, and she then featured it in a promotional social media post.

The decision resulted in a widespread public backlash from conservative and moderate Americans who felt it was one more example of corporations pushing LGBTQ+ propaganda. Bud Light’s parent company, Anheuser-Busch, has been bleeding money and losing customers ever since.

With sales down nearly 30% since last summer, there is no sign of a rebound for the beer brand. Before Memorial Day and Independence Day, a few stores were practically giving away cases of Bud Light after Anheuser-Busch issued a rebate and the beer was being priced less than bottled water.

Bud Light also released a new advertisement, which featured Travis Kelc of the Kansas City Chiefs, in an attempt to try and win back support from buyers, specifically men. Many saw the ad as desperate and even insulting to the audience the company was trying to appeal to.

Beer companies aren’t the only ones facing backlash for promoting “woke” ideology. Shortly after the Mulvaney sponsorship, Target received similar backlash and lost sales after promoting merchandise for LGBTQ Pride Month.

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