Brutal Heatwave in California Hitting During Fourth of July

( – A long-lasting heatwave is coming to California right as people will be out and about celebrating the Fourth of July.

The weather event is very dangerous and expected to last over a few days without much relief. Starting on Wednesday, the state will experience “extreme” levels of heat risk, which is expected to reach the highest level on the National Weather Service’s Index. Life-threatening triple-digit temperatures could last for over a week in some areas.

Climate scientist Dr Daniel Swain said, “This is going to be a severe, prolonged, potentially record-breaking heatwave that may have large impacts for much of California.”

“It just isn’t going to cool off – even at night,” he continued.

There are expected to be record highs during the day, and at night, the temperature is still expected to stay very hot. In the Central Valley area, the temperatures are not supposed to go below seventy degrees, but they will reach one hundred and ten degrees.

Said Swain, “These are places where, yes, it is hot in summer – but it’s not often hot like this, and certainly not for this duration.” Forecasters have said that the weather conditions will pose a health risk to the majority of the population. There could be a potential risk of forest fires starting in the area as well.

Warned Swain, “Unfortunately, I am not using the term ‘if wildfires develop’ because I think it’s inevitable during this event.”

When dry weather goes with explosive celebrations, this could pose for a greater risk of forest fires. On average, over eighteen thousand fires are ignited every year due to Fourth of July firework celebrations.

“It’s going to be a challenge both day and night – so the message is prevention,” said the California Fire deputy director, Nick Schuler.

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