“Breaking Bad” Star Retiring From Acting

(VitalNews.org) – After a long and successful career, actor Bryan Cranston is planning on retiring within the next three years, according to The Daily Wire. Cranston was most recently known for his work on “Breaking Bad,” but also starred in “Malcolm in the Middle,” “Argo,” and “Trumbo.” He said that after decades of support from his wife, he just wants to focus on his marriage and “go the distance.”

Cranston’s comments came during an interview with GQ. He noted that obstacles appear in life and it isn’t always easy to notice when one is beginning to form. He then began to talk about his 34-year-long marriage to his wife Robin Dearden. Dearden is known for her work in “Magnum PI,” “Chicanery,” and “Wooly Boys.” The two reportedly met in the 1980s while filming a scene on the CBS military drama “Airwolf.”

They were both involved with other people when they met, but Cranston notes that that might have worked to their benefit because they were able to build up the tension. He says that their situation was “serendipitous.” Dearden also reportedly said that they would not have stayed together if they were “unencumbered.”

Cranston said that the two of them have been going to therapy since they got together, adding that for the last 24 years, she has been holding his tail and has been the “plus one.” He said that because of her support, their relationship has been uneven, and he wants to level it out because she “deserves it.”

He said that he has come to learn about his flaws and mistakes and knows when he does or says something that hurts his wife, who he says is sensitive. He continued to say that he wants to be with her in a healthy way, and that involves making an effort, so that they are not together but silent.

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