Boston Activists Call for $15 Billion in Reparations?!

Activists in Boston are Asking for $15 Billion in Reparations

Boston, Massachusetts, USA - October 14, 2016: Pedestrians cross at the Old State House in Boston. The building dates from 1713.

( – A group of activists in Boston are looking to get $15 billion in reparations because they are claiming that the city’s wealth was built off of slavery.

Rev. Kevin C. Peterson, who is one of the activists, spoke out saying that the City of Boston should expect to implement reparations at a press conference that was held in Boston’s Roxbury neighborhood. He said that the $15 billion would be used “towards making right the wrong perpetuated on Boston’s Blacks. The wealth of this city was built on slavery.”

Peterson, who is the founder of the activist group Boston People Reparations Commission held a news conference where he asked for a monetary payout to the black residents of Boston because the city’s wealth was built on slavery.

“We demand from Mayor Wu full monetary compensation for wages and lost lives through slavery and anti-Black institutional oppression,” he said. “Today we call on a full and robust reparations process.”

Peterson did divide up the payments into three different categories to get to the $15 billion number that he’s asking for. First, $5 billion would go to cash payments for Boston’s black residents, the second $5 billion would be used to invest in new financial institutions, and the last $5 billion to address racial disparities in education and anti-crime measures.

“We call on the Task Force to fully commit to writing checks that will compensate Black Bostonians and fiscally support the creation of new institutions in our community,” Peterson said.

The Mayor did say that the city established groups that would play a role in the “city’s reparations task force.” The Boston Reparations Task Force will look into making a list of recommendations for the Mayor to tackle some of the issues at hand that the activist group is recognizing.

“The City of Boston’s Task Force on Reparations is working with a research partner to study the legacy of slavery in Boston, and will ultimately provide recommendations to Mayor Wu for reparative justice solutions for Black residents,” a spokesperson said.

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