Biden’s Son Being Held In Contempt of Congress

The east side of the US Capitol in the early morning. Senate Chamber in the foreground.

( – On Wednesday, House Republicans will gather to consider whether or not Hunter Biden, Joe Biden’s son, will be held in contempt of Congress for going against a Congressional subpoena as part of the impeachment process of Joe Biden.

Hunter Biden will possibly be held for contempt after refusing to comply with a subpoena that was asking him to appear for a closed-door deposition. A House Oversight Committee Chairman, James Comer, said, “Our investigation has produced significant evidence suggesting President Biden knew of, participated in, and benefited from his family cashing in on the Biden name,” in regards to the situation.

They had planned to question Hunter Biden about these claims, but Hunter Biden did not comply with the subpoenas. Comer’s statement regarding this as is follows, “Hunter Biden’s willful refusal to comply with the committees’ subpoenas is a criminal act.” It continues to say, “We will not provide Hunter Biden with special treatment because of his last name.”

Hunter Biden originally said that he would testify publicly, but the committee stated that they wouldn’t be treating him any differently so they denied his request. However, not too long after this, Hunter Biden defied the subpoena and decided to publicly speak outside the Capitol Building.

The House Oversight Report stated, “On December 13, 2023, Robert Hunter Biden failed to comply with deposition subpoenas issued by the Committees on Oversight and Accountability and the Judiciary for testimony.” It continued, “Instead, Mr. Biden opted to read a short, prepared statement in front of the Capitol. Accordingly, Mr. Biden has violated federal law and must be held in contempt of Congress.”

Hunter Biden said, during his statement at the Capitol, “No evidence to support that my father was financially involved in my business because it did not happen.”

Hunter Biden’s testimony for the impeachment inquiry is an important piece of evidence and therefore the committee was expecting that statement from him.

This has led to the committee voting on Wednesday about Hunter Biden’s contempt of Congress. If a resolution comes out of this meeting on Wednesday then Hunter Biden could be held in full contempt of Congress as this lawsuit continues.

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