Biden’s New Fuel Economy Rules Unveiled

( – New rules have been unveiled by the Biden administration that focus on restrictions and regulations of new cars.

New vehicles that are sold in the United States will have to average thirty-eight miles per gallon of gasoline starting in the new decade, instead of the twenty-nine miles per gallon this year, according to new federal rules released by Biden.

The officials have stated that the requirements will allow the auto industry to focus on electric vehicles while adding the higher gas mileage requirements will impose significant costs to consumers without fuel savings to offset this.

Biden’s goal for the end of the decade is to have half of the cars in the whole United States be electric, which is a part of his broader goal to combat climate change. Gasoline-powered vehicles currently make up the largest single source of greenhouse emissions in the United States.

Biden has been looking for cooperation and approval on electric vehicles from the auto industry to make his goals a reality. The United Auto Workers union endorsed Biden, but they have expressed concerns about moving toward electric vehicles. They’ve said that they would support it as long as it didn’t result in job cuts, and the industry would pay a top wage to workers who build electric vehicles.

“Not only will these new standards save Americans money at the pump every time they fill up, they will also decrease harmful pollution and make America less reliant on foreign oil.” Said Pete Buttigieg, the Transportation Secretary. He continued, “These standards will save car owners more than six hundred dollars in gasoline costs over the lifetime of their vehicle.”

The Biden Administration has said that these restrictions would save almost seventy billion gallons of gasoline and would prevent over seven hundred million metric tons of carbon dioxide emissions.

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