Biden’s Motorcade Forced to Divert around Protests

( – President Joe Biden paid a visit to Nantucket, Massachusetts last week, yet rather than receiving a welcome parade, the president was met by protesters calling for an Israeli cease-fire in the Palestinian territories, forcing the motorcade to reroute.

The president didn’t receive the cozy, warm welcome in Nantucket he may have expected last week. According to a report from the Nantucket Current, Biden’s motorcade was en route for a Saturday mass at a local historic church when they “took an alternative route in town.” The paper noted that the change in direction was “presumably to avoid” a group of “protesters at the rotary.”

The Milestone Rotary was the site of a pre-planned protest of Biden’s visit to town, organized by pro-Palestinian activists who chanted “Free Free Palestine!” and called for a “permanent ceasefire.” A few days before, protesters heckled Biden as he headed to a lunch with the Brotherhood of Thieves. At night, protesters also gathered at the Nantucket annual Christmas tree lighting and chanted an accusation that the president is responsible for genocide.

The Israel Defense Forces (IDF) have been engaged in a siege of the Gaza Strip territory for seven weeks, ever since the radical militant Palestinian group Hamas attacked the Jewish state on October 7. The attack by Hamas reportedly killed 1,400 people, while the Israeli counteroffensive resulted in 10,000 deaths among Palestinians.

The ongoing conflict is causing a rift between party members in both of the major US political parties. Democrats like Reps. Alexandria Ocazio-Cortes and Rashida Tlaib are calling for a ceasefire as Democratic Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer stands fully behind Israel.

Meanwhile, most Republicans tend to agree that Israel has a “right to defend itself” and wish to assist in the conflict. Others, such as the Freedom Caucus, don’t believe the US should be sending any more funding to Israel, a position consistent with their general position on the Ukraine war.

Biden is now taking heat from both sides of the aisle for trying to maintain a middle position. The president has called for “temporary pauses” in combat to provide aid to Palestinians but has not stood behind a full cease-fire and continues to support Israel’s military efforts, drawing criticism from many fellow Democrats.

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