Biden’s Campaign is Now on TikTok Despite Concerns

( – President Joe Biden’s presidential campaign for 2024 is now available on TikTok, despite the president’s concerns over national security within the social media app.

President Biden’s campaign being on TikTok has been surprising to many as the president has deemed the TikTok app a national security concern and has banned it from federal devices. It’s been clarified that President Joe Biden will not be joining TikTok personally, but only campaign-related content will be available to see on the social app.

The goal here is to have the account run by campaign team members in order to reach a wider variety of voters. In the most recent post from the campaign account, President Biden is being quizzed on the Super Bowl and they even mention Taylor Swift to him.

There has been a lot of talk about the TikTok app and what problems it could pose to those who download it on their devices and use it. Both the FBI and the Federal Communications Commission have said that the TikTok owner ByteDance could share user data such as browser history and location with the Chinese government.

Campaign officials did state that they were doing what they could to protect the account against security breaches and other concerns when it comes to sharing the presidential election on TikTok. These concerns have risen since 2017 as China implemented a law that would require companies to send over any personal data that could be relevant to the country’s national security.

President Joe Biden’s campaign account is called BidenHQ and it will be posting snippets of his campaigns regularly on the platform. The president already has a presence on social media platforms other than TikTok, such as Instagram, Facebook, X, and Truth Social. Having his presence on these platforms is in line with their campaign strategy of getting to younger voters and being able to use their smaller events to campaign heavily on social media.

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