Biden’s Approval Rating Stuck Near 40%

( – President Joe Biden’s approval rating seems to be at a standstill, holding at 40% according to a new poll this month, which is the lowest it’s been since he took office.

The latest poll from Reuters/Ipsos, which was conducted online over the course of three days, asked American voters if they approve or disapprove of how Biden has been handling the job of commander-in-chief. There has been a marginal drop from a month ago when Biden was polling at 41% approval.

A top concern for 21% of respondents is the state of the economy. 15% cited corruption or crime as their top concern.

Biden’s current rating is similar to where his predecessor was around the same time in his presidency. Former President Donald Trump also had an approval rating of 41% halfway through his term, lower than the two presidents before him, Barack Obama and George W. Bush. Trump, who is currently running for a second term, seems to be holding up well amongst Republican voters, even after being indicted and facing attacks from every other GOP candidate.

Respondents were asked about last month’s Supreme Court decision to strike down the student loan forgiveness plans of the Biden administration. 49% supported the decision while 48% said they are opposed. They were also asked about rolling back affirmative action policies that allowed colleges to consider race in their admission process. Sixty percent supported the Supreme Court’s decision to end affirmative action.

In response to these two rulings and last year’s decision on Roe v. Wade, Democrats recently proposed a bill to put term limits on Supreme Court Justices. Respondents were asked about term limits for the Supreme Court and 70% said they would support it, 85% of whom are Democrats and 56% Republicans.

Using a national sample, the poll conducted online by Reuters/Ipsos surveyed 1,028 adults.

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