Biden WH Rocked By Scandal Despite “Decency” Promise

( – The recent incident of cocaine discovered in the White House highlights a bigger pattern of the Biden administration and the fact that President Joe Biden is failing to live up to multiple promises he made in the past to restore “decency” and “integrity” to the Office of the President of the United States.

According to much of the mainstream media and the Democratic Party, former President Donald Trump was bad for the image of the country and a disgrace to the White House. And yet, Biden doesn’t seem to be living up to those standards either. Over the years before the discovery of cocaine in the White House West Wing right after Independence Day, Biden promised at least seven times to clean up the image of the presidency.

In August 2020, Biden promised he would “bring integrity back to the White House,” stating he would put the “integrity” of his “whole career” against the “lack of integrity” of Trump “any day of the week.” He made the same promise to “bring integrity back” to the Oval Office in October 2020 and at the beginning of the year in January. In September 2020, Biden claimed “honor and decency” needs to be restored to the White House.

A year before that, Biden stated in October 2019 that Trump’s administration is “the most corrupt” in modern U.S. history, adding that “it’s got to end,” and “integrity” must be restored to the government. He said it again in December 2019, stating his job was to “go out and make the case” that Trump “doesn’t deserve” to be in office.

In October 2021, after winning the 2020 election, Biden said he ran for three reasons, which were restoring “soul and decency” to America, rebuilding the economy “from the bottom up,” and “to help unite” America again.

So far, it doesn’t seem Biden or his administration have been able to follow through with those promises. Not only is “soul and decency” lacking in a White House, which is a symbol that represents the entire country, but the economy is still in shambles, and America feels more divided than it’s been since the 1960s.

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